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Computer Tune-Up

Software Upgrades Tune-Up Virus Scanning and Removal

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Did you know that software companies are constantly 'fixing' their software?  Did you know that you are normally entitled to at least one year of these updates and fixes?  Well ... You Are!  YAY!  Sometimes, these 'update programs' are automatically running -- all of the time.  That can be a good thing, that can also be a bad thing.  Why would you want to waste the RAM - or the computing power - because some silly 'auto update' program is always running?

Honestly, sometimes you do want to have some of these programs running... I can explain why you want some, and not others.

Not only are these companies fixing their mistakes ... they could be adding new functionality to programs - for FREE!  They could also be patching up holes -- places where bad people can break into your computer.  It is so incredibly important to always update your software.  I can help you to streamline the process.


Computer Tune-Up

Do you really need 5 toolbars on the top of Internet Explorer?  How did they all get there anyway?!

Each time you install free software from the Internet, there are questions along the way asking you if you want to install the Ask.Com or the Yahoo toolbar.  You can choose to un-check the option, and the toolbars will not install!  YAY!

However, what if the 'damage is already done?'  What can be done?!?  Don't worry!  I can get in there, clean everything up, and you will most definitely notice a vast improvement in the performance and speed of your computer.

There's more ... There is a secret part of your computer [I don't want to give too many details here, because this secret part of your computer can reallllly mess things up...] that controls pretty much everything.  I can go into this secret menu and take out what doesn't need to be there.  If you'd like, I will explain exactly what I am doing each step of the way.  This will also make your computer run much faster and more efficiently.

Virus Scanning and Removal

Virus Protection and Removal

This one is the biggie!  If you are somebody who chooses not to purchase extra software for your computer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get an "Internet Security" suite for your computer.  The more well known ones are Norton and McAfee.  There are free ones out there, but, I have found that the features, capabilities, and computing power requirements of Norton and McAfee are more efficient. Personally, I prefer Norton Internet Security.

In the 'old days,' virus protection was fine.  Now, there are so many more risks out there ... it is important to get an Internet Security Suite.  You may have heard of Worms or Trojan Horses or Denial Of Service attacks... an Internet Security suite will help you not to get tangled up in any of that.  I can teach you about what is available to you, and I can set everything up for you so you're up, running, and protected!