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Different types of Tech Help that I can provide

I am lucky enough to have learned many aspects of the ins and outs of technology.  I would love to be able to assist you with 'just about everything with a button!'

Digital Camera Digital Camera's Using freely available software, I can teach you how to manipulate your photographs, organize them, print them, or do -- just about anything else with them!
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Video Capture Video Capture Did you know that you are able to hook most video cameras up to your personal computer?  Furthermore, most computers have the ability to create DVD's that you can watch on your television!  I can teach you how to import your video from your video camera to your computer, and how to add dazzling effects to your home movies.
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Microsoft Office Training Microsoft Office Training I can teach you how to get the most out of the Microsoft Office suite of software.  Microsoft Word is a great program for word processing, but did you know that Microsoft Excel can be an excellent organization tool?!
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Hardware Upgrades Hardware Upgrades Are you getting the most out of your computing power?  Would more RAM or a more powerful video card help you eek out some more speed from your computer?  The answer is (normally) YES!  I can help you to optimize your computer to make it operate faster!
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Software Upgrades Software Upgrades Do you have Windows Updates (or Microsoft Updates) enabled on your computer?  If not, you could be missing out on some very important security upgrades to your computer.  I can make sure that your computer is optimized and that all of your software is up-to-date.
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Scanner Scanners / Optical Character Recognition Scanners are an amazing tool.  With a scanner, you can copy your photographs to your computer and enhance them with photo editing software.  Do you have aging photographs that are degrading?  Scan them now to preserve and protect them.
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Wireless Network Security Wireless Network Security Wireless internet access is great, isn't it?!  However, did you know that MOST routers broadcast the contents of your entire computer to the 1/4 mile surrounding your house!  It's just like the old cordless phones - anybody with a scanner could hear your conversation.  There are three steps to make your wireless network more secure.  I can secure your network for you today!
For more details, click Wireless Network Security
Tune-Up Computer Tune-Ups Are you getting the most out of your computing power, or is your computer so bogged down with 'extra programs' that it is operating at a crawl?  Look down at the bottom right of your screen (near the clock)... Are there a whole bunch of programs running that you don't need?  I can optimize these programs for you to be sure that you are only running what is required.  This will make your computer much faster.
For more details, click Computer Tune-up
Virus Scanning and Removal Virus Scanning and Removal, Internet Security Computer viruses are -- just about -- the worst thing in the world.  Sometimes, they come right up on your screen "You have a virus!"  Sometimes, they don't.  They might be hiding in the background trying to steal your internet passwords or credit card numbers.  Bad stuff!  It is absolutely imperative that every computer have up-to-date virus protection.
Internet security is another protection tool of the utmost importance.  In addition to viruses written by malicious people, code can be written to deploy itself over the internet that might sneak by a virus protection program.  The combination of virus protection and internet security is a must.
I can install and teach you about these programs.
For more details, click Computer Tune-up
Backup Backups (Online backup services, CD/DVD backups, and External Hard drive backups) What if the worst-case-scenario happens and you get a virus ... or you have a power surge ... or your computer 'bites-the-dust' ... or you lose your laptop ... or your hard-drive fails ... or your cat sits on the delete button for a while ... or ... or ... or ...  Murphy's Law!  You could lose EVERYTHING!  All of your pictures.  All of your important documents.  Bad news!
Did you know that there are free back-up systems on the internet?  You could also back up your pictures, music, and documents to a CD, DVD, external hard drive, or another computer.
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Fax Faxing from your computer Although it seems antiquated, with today's technological advances, the fax machine is still everywhere!  Did you know that you can send [and receive] a fax from you computer without a fax machine?  You can type a Microsoft Word document and then hit a Fax Button, and BAM!  You sent a fax!  You can also scan in documents and fax them to anybody.  I can teach you all about this!
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  Just about EVERYTHING else! I'm sure that I left some things off of this list.  If you have questions, please ask!!!